Who are the Ambassadors?

College Ambassadors rep Margaritaville in and around campus, as well as anywhere else they might find themselves. They host events, give out merchandise, share personal discount codes, promote dining and lodging destinations and spread the Margaritaville state of mind at universities across North America. As of the spring of 2019, there are over 150 college ambassadors helping the organization reach the uncharted waters on college campuses. Ambassadors strive to make genuine connections with people who love Sundays in a hammock as much as we do.

What do ambassadors do?

  • Receive the newest and coolest merchandise to enjoy and share with friends and family.
  • Participate in monthly challenges from Margaritaville, like taking great photos for social media, sharing personal discount codes, signing people up for our email newsletter and more.
  • Work on their writing skills as featured authors for the Margaritaville Blog.
  • Host Margaritaville-inspired events.
  • Come up with unique ways to share the state of mind on campus.
  • Win merchandise, gift cards, and even stays at Margaritaville resorts.

Just a note: Ambassadors are not paid and school always comes first. This program and repping the Margaritaville lifestyle enhance your college experience… and is not meant to feel like work. See the FAQ section for more on the details.

Meet a few of the ambassadors