A Program like nothing else.

The Margaritaville University College Ambassador Program started in the Fall of 2016 and has since boasted 605 college ambassadors on 250+ college campuses hosting events, creating new products, giving back to local communities and so much more. The ambassadorship has extended beyond the semester and we’re collaborating with college-aged people day in and day out to share the state of mind at latitudes across North America, and when we can, around the world. A beach isn’t required, because our mission is to spread the Margaritaville lifestyle to college students, create a genuine relationship with ambassadors and their peers, and together continue to develop a fun and rewarding ambassador program.

Our Philosophy


After we give life our best effort, we know when it’s time to give ourselves a break. There’s an art to taking it easy, and we make a new masterpiece everyday. We believe it’s our birthright to take daily “escapes”. Never lazy, but never too busy to watch the sunset.


We spend each and every day collaborating with ambassadors to bring content and products to campuses and college towns in new and innovative ways. Brainstorming, creating and seeing ideas come to life are a part of our daily lives.


If our glass isn’t full, it’s at least half full. We find opportunities to celebrate the good in life as much as possible. If we couldn’t laugh…well, you know the words.


Lending a hand. Sharing a smile. Donating time. Paying a compliment. Small or big… giving is giving. We’re inspiring others through random acts of Margaritaville to bring a piece of paradise to each and every person we encounter.

What makes Margaritaville University different?

A Program like nothing else.
Ambassadors are exposed to behind the scenes on a wide range of offerings from new lodging locations and merchandise creation to Escape to Margaritaville: The Musical and the L2C Lounge on Jimmy Buffett tours.
A Program like nothing else.
We understand that every school is different and no one knows college campuses better than the ambassadors themselves. We do our best to tailor every ambassador experience to their personal strengths and connections on campus.
A Program like nothing else.
Ambassadors give us input every step of the way and we do our best to develop a program they love based on all their feedback.
A Program like nothing else.
Knowing Margaritaville is a state of mind, our ambassadors can be at any school, in any state and can be any major. From Canada to Key West, we want to see how you make your school a paradise.